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'Crazy' Video to Premiere on AOLMUSIC.COM 10/14

On Friday 10/14 AOLMUSIC.COM premiered Alanis' video for the song 'Crazy,' the first single from 'The Collections' CD. The video was directed by Meiert Avis.


Click here to watch Alanis' [email protected] Perfomrmance and other videos.

'The Collections' due out November 15


The complete track listing for THE COLLECTION is as follows:

Thank U (Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie)
Head Over Feet (Jagged Little Pill)
Eight Easy Steps (So-Called Chaos)
Everything (So-Called Chaos)
Crazy (new track)
Ironic (Jagged Little Pill)
Princes Familiar (MTV Unplugged)
You Learn (Jagged Little Pill)
Simple Together (Feast On Scraps)
You Oughta Know (Jagged Little Pill)
That I Would Be Good (Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie)
Sister Blister (Feast On Scraps)
Hands Clean (Under Rug Swept)
Mercy (The Prayer Cycle)
Still (Dogma)
Uninvited(City of Angels)
Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love (De-Lovely)
Hand In My Pocket (Jagged Little Pill)

(Taken from OFFICIAL press release)

ALANIS MORISSETTE--coming off a handful of dates as special guest of the Rolling Stones at their New York-area shows including Giant Stadium and Madison Square Garden--will highlight a decade of hit songs and other gems when she releases THE COLLECTION November 15 on Maverick Records. The 18-track set will be previewed by the seven-time Grammy Award winner’s interpretation of Seal’s “Crazy,” due out in October as the album’s first single, with a video directed by Meiert Avis. 

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ALANIS hand-picked the material on THE COLLECTION, a work that covers the full spectrum of the acclaimed singer, songwriter and musician’s artistry and vision.  It includes material from four Maverick studio albums (Jagged Little Pill, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, Under Rug Swept, So-Called Chaos), ALANIS’ Feast On Scraps DVD/EP, the MTV Unplugged album, and her contributions to the soundtracks for Dogma,City of Angels and De-Lovely (in which she acted), plus a song she recorded for The Prayer Cycle album.

THE COLLECTION will also be available as a CD/DVD Special Edition December 6, with behind-the-scenes footage of ALANIS, plus a special limited-edition two-disc gatefold package consisting of the CD and an hour-long DVD documentary tracing the time period from 1995’s Jagged Little Pill through the present.

“It was a torturous challenge to come up with the songs for this collection record,” says ALANIS. “Rather than seeing my songs as children, I view them as rooms in the big house that is my life...all of them are a snapshot of a period of time and a passage in my life. I consider this collection to be pieces of that ongoing expression. Some songs were released formally as singles, others which were personal favorites speak to the themes that were relevant during the times that I wrote them. Ultimately, I put this collection record together to have something to show my great-grandkids one day, and to reflect with objectivity on my own evolution as a writer and singer.”

Since emerging in 1995, ALANIS has become one of the premiere and influential singer-songwriter-musicians in contemporary music. Her deeply expressive music and performances have earned vast critical praise and a dedicated fanbase that extends throughout the world, with album sales exceeding 40 million. 
Alanis Picks a Favorite

Alanis Morissette joins Joss Stone, John Legend, Michelle Williams, Jason Mraz, Keith Urban and Brandon Boyd in the 'Perfect Fit' ad campaign for the Gap. The ad references each musicians favorite song. The Gap will be giving out a CD to anyone who makes a purchase of over $60 after September 1st. Alanis' contribution is a version of Seal's 'Crazy' and will be included on the free CD.

Watch the original version of Seal's 'Crazy' Click Here

Read about the campaign and watch the commercials here.

Jagged Little Pill Acoustic
As she neared the 10th anniversary of her landmark album "Jagged Little Pill," Alanis Morissette began pondering how to commemorate the occasion. She ultimately decided to do it all again. Billboard has learned that Morissette and the album's producer/co-writer, Glen Ballard, are in the middle of recording an acoustic version of the career-defining set.

"It just sounded much more appealing than creating my own awards show," she says with a laugh. "There's no better way to honor things than through music."

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